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Heavyweight exercises

The first set of these is with a heavier weight. This should be chosen by body size and the shape the practitioner is in. Normally about 60% of the 1RM of a dumbbell curl is a good starting point. The light-weight set should be approximately half of this. light weight exercises work much smaller muscles. One other way to do the lightweight exercises is to use ¼ the amount in the heavy weight exerciese, but use both smaller weights in one hand as needed.The idea is to keep any random muscles (rotator cuff, e.g.) balanced and using heavy weights there could lead to injury. For most all of these, the lower back is not the source of power. Good form dictates tightening the abdominals and using those as a solid base for movement. I am pretty strong and well practiced. I use two 35 lb dumbbells for the heavy weights and one 20 lb for the light.

   Overhead press

   Fly/chest press
   Overhead pull
   Tricep kickback

   Stiff-legged deadlift

   Screw press