Screw press.

Description: Great compound exercise.

Motions trained: Torso flexion with a twist as well as lifting.

Main muscles used: Most of them.
   Other muscles:

How to do it:

Get the bell to your shoulder. Now, with the weight more or less fixed in position in the air, lean way from the bell corkscrewing your body to keep it underneath (hence the name). You should be able to look at the bell at all times. Once your arm is at extension, you will be in the same position as windmill. Get up the same way, drop the bell to the starting position and repeat.

How to work up to it:Thw twister exercise is good to help free up your hips. use a low weight and be aware of your structure under it. Your free hand can run down the inside of your thigh as a training aid, but that is just until you don't feel wobbly with the movement.

Ramping it up: More reps are the best way, but don't do too many as this is a surprisingly taxing exercise. You will find that it works a lot of little things in your torso you didn't know you had. You can have another bell in the other hand. Ssome folks swear that doing a curl with it at the bottom is the way to go. Your mileage may vary.

Do's and don'ts: Don't lean back. Both because you can hurt your back and because you will probably end up falling. You might want to do this initially with your back kind of close to a wall.

Comments: A wonderful old-time strongman exercise from the 1890's and still as useful today as ever.