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Stiff-legged deadlift.

Description: An torso extension exercise.

Motions trained:Torso extension

Main muscles used: Glutes and hamstrings
   Other muscles:

How to do it:

The commentary for a two-legged deadlift is here. Read that. The comment needed here is merely to note that the bells rotate on the way down so that they are in front of the shins. Even though the pictures shows doing this with two dumbbells, you should start holding a single with both hands between your legs initially. For the one-legged version:

The two-legged version is a good way to start since it has fewer demands on your feet and stablizers, but the one-legged version is the one to aim for.

How to work up to it: Do the bodyweight version first, then add weight gradually over several practices.

Ramping it up: Use a single dumbbell and do them one-legged. These are really hard to balance in and it makes it almost impossible to have bad form and hurt your back.

Do's and don'ts:Same as the bodyweight version. Really watch your form!

Comments: I use the one-legged version of these exclusively now.