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Overhead pull.

Description: An exercise to practice overhead pulling motion (lowering the arms if they are overhead).

Motions trained:Lowering the arms

Main muscles used: Pectorals, not the triceps
   Other muscles:

How to do it:

Lie down and put two bells up on end on the floor above your head.
Pull your knees up so your back is flat on the floor.
Grab the bells, flare your lats and without
extending your elbows, raise them until they
are directly overhead. You should feel like you
are moving from your armpits rather than straightening
your arms. Keep your back on the floor.

How to work up to it: Lighter bells.

Ramping it up: There is not too much else to add to this. It does not lend itself to plyometric variations so well, but you are welcomed to try.

Do's and don'ts: Don't extend or flex your elbows -- there is no arm movement in this. If your triceps are working, you are doing it wrong. Don't arch your back, keep it on the ground.

Comments: This is a way to work this motion with a bell.