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Round the world.

Description: You climb over your partner as he tries to brace himself.

Motions trained: Lots and lots!

Main muscles used: All of them, even the ones that make your ears wiggle
   Other muscles:


How to do it: Your partner stands with knees bent and arms out at 90 degrees to his body. Your job is to climb all the way around him without touching the floor. You must duck under his arms as needed. His job is to try and maintain position while you do this. Once you return to the front, you may repeat as needed.

How to work up to it: This is a high-level technique. There is no single thing you can do, but it's a safe bet that if you cannot do at least several of the bodyweight exercises you will not be able to do this.

Ramping it up: Do it multiple times. Once the partner can stabilize, see how many you can do in a minute. Go over the top, try to do it upside down. You can also do this starting on your back on the floor, returning to the starting position.

Do's and don'ts: Don't go fast until you both know what to expect. If you are going to start from the floor, be sure you don't just collapse your partner's leg on the way up. Grab above the knee to start your ascent.

Comments: The standing partner really needs to stay aware of the load as he is climbed over. Just think of him as being a jungle gym.