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Various belt drills.

Description:Various drills in which belts are used so that partners can practice complimentary motions.

Motions trained: All, between them.

Main muscles used: All of them, between the drills.
   Other muscles:


How to do it:The basic idea with all of these is using the belt to transmit power between partners. In a martial arts class setting, the partners would grab each other, but this should result in a pretty severe derangement or off-balance of one, which limits the number of these that can be done. Using a belt while the partners practice complimentary motions allow partners to practice good dynamics and form in a 3 dimensional setting. The wrapping of the belt around the arms also allows partners to practice the important skill of transmitting the power of the torso through the elbows.Therefore, do not let the elbows leave the body much.You can also practice these stepping for variety.

Drop twist vs. rising twist: Partner A turns his back to B and wraps the belt either over the elbow or across the body as if doing an ippon seoi nage. Partner B wraps the belt and performs a drop with a twist to counter.This covers the cases of rising or dropping to a corner.

Lateral twists:A and B are either back to back and, with the belt over the elbow, attempt to pull each other over just by twisting the torso. Repeat with the facing each other. This covers the case of lateral pushing and pulling.

Straight lifts or drops: Here the motions have one doing an upper cut while the other drops. Be sure to get the power from the legs if lifting or bodyweight with an ab crunch if dropping.

How to work up to it:

Ramping it up:

Do's and don'ts: