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360 degree situps (360's).

Description:A situp that allows one person to make a complete 360 degree rotation

Motions trained:Torso flexion

Main muscles used: abcominals
   Other muscles: Shoulders and arms


How to do it: Stand facing your partner. Do a handstand. putting your palms squarely between his feet, taking care not to whack him in the head. Lock your knees about his shoulders (one of you may have to adjust a bit depending on height). Your partner holds onto your legs, taking care not to lean back but to round his back to transmit the load to the floor. You then to a situp, wrap your hands behind his neck. He lets go of your legs and you end up in the starting position, ready for another.

How to work up to it: Handstands. Lots of them. Get good at other abdominal exercises. If you want, use an inclined bench for them first.

Ramping it up: Do pyramids of these. So do a handstand + situp, then a handstand + 2 situp, then a handstand + 3 situps, etc. all the way up to 10 situps. You can march the number back down. Just going to 10 total gives you 55 while also marching back down to 1 gives a total of 100.

Do's and don'ts: It is imperative that the supporting partner not just lean back and try to use the lower back. With the amount of moving that has to go on this will run a serious risk of a back injury. Keep the pelvis tucked under and lock the abs into a solid unit. This also gives the person doing the situps something of a shallow seat.

Comments: The load for a normal situp starts at the maximum and decreases the further from the ground you get your torso. This increases. Once you pass the 90 degree mark, your hips muscles must kick in. Lowering your legs to the ground slowly stresses these again. A great exercise.