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The turkish get up.

Description: A total body exercise that involved getting off the floor

Motions trained: Various

Main muscles used: All of them
   Other muscles:


How to do it: Lie on the floor. Press a single dumbbell straight in the air. Now, with the arm locked, stay under the weight as your get to your feet, then reverse the motion and get back on the ground. No you are not allowed to fall. There are two ways to get to your feet, either come to your feet in a low squat or come to one knee. I prefer the one-knee version since I have trouble getting into a squat.

How to work up to it: Start with not weight, then go to a light weight and work your way up over time.

Ramping it up:This is a slow exercise. It does not lend itself to getting ramped up. The way to make this harder is to do it slower. Take a good 15 - 30 seconds each way.

Do's and don'ts: Do always feel the path from the weight to the floor through you. Don't let the weight wobble, always be under it. Do take your time.

Comments:A fantastic total body exercise. This is usseful in parts, meaning that in the course of a taiso workout, every time you go to the floor to do some exercises or get up use this. You can get a lot of these in a workout that way.