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Figure eights.

Description: A drill for the midsection. This gets pretty much everything in your abdomen.

Motions trained: Torso flexion and extension.

Main muscles used: Abs, lower back
   Other muscles: Legs

How to do it:

Grab a single weight. Pass it around your legs in a figure-8 pattern. The key here is to use your legs a lot. You should always be pulling on the weight, so that it never has a spot where it is moving just of its own momentum. Keep your weight on your heels, not on the balls of your feet. Don't forget to reverse direction. You can also vary it by doing circles around one leg, then the other, reversing the direction too.

How to work up to it: Start with a low weight. The trickiest part of this is the hand-off under the legs so practice that a few times to be sure. A common flub is to whack yourself in the back of a leg and with a heavyweight you'll end up on the floor. 2 minutes lightweight practice will fix that,

Ramping it up: Time yourself. Increase the number of seconds you do this rather than aiming for high weights. 30 - 60 seconds actually puts quite some stress on your abdomen, so be aware of overtraining.

Do's and don'ts: