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Description: An exercise for shoulder mobility

Motions trained: None, really

Main muscles used: All the shoulder and in various ways
   Other muscles:

How to do it:

Get the weight and hold it in front of your face. Make circles around your head, keeping the weight approximately as far away from you as the tip of one shoulder. Too far and you are over-reaching. Too close and it doesn't work things right.

How to work up to it: If you have sore shoulders, this is a good warm up, but if you need a running start, just moving your arms over your head and around is good.

Ramping it up: Don't need to. More than a light or medium weight just isn't a good idea.

Do's and don'ts: Don't get the weight too far away. Don't bonk yourself in the head either.

Comments: A simple and really effective way to warm up the shoulders.