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Description: A bobbing and weaving drill. Excellent for a warmup, especially for that early morning workout.

Motions trained: Everything...

Main muscles used: All of 'em.
   Other muscles:


How to do it:
Refer to the bodyweight version for how to do the basic form. You can use a light dumbbell or a plate. It might be best to start with a plate with the uneven side down for a better grip, since you are less likely to lose control of it. Also with a plate, you can stick a couple of fingers through the middle until you get it down, although strictly speaking that's a cheating move. If the plate keeps slipping it's because you need to corkscrew your body more.

How to work up to it: The bodyweight version.

Ramping it up:Try it while walking the circle. Another great use is to throw these in as part of your rolling and falling.

Do's and don'ts: Do mind the weight and be sure that you are working up to keeping it resting in the palm of your hand. You should not have to grab the weight at any time.

Comments: A superb exercise.