Combinations for taiso


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There are a lot of combinations possible. This is just a compendium of some favorites.

Overhead pull with a stiff-armed situp and a rollup

double curl + overhead press, also with a deadlift

Crosses a curl + fly chest exercise.

Row plus a kickback

Same as previous, except that before each pushup hop up into squat position then back out, like a burpee. The trick is to power this with your deltoids and lats, rather than really hopping.

Kick + hit

Swing + overhead press

Overhead pull + lock out arms situp + bridge + bring down like a press + do a press + drop bridge + situp + bring arms down like a pull.

Do a pushup, pull your feet to between your hands, do a back roll to your feet + do a star. Drop down into pushup position and repeat.

Swing and clean, do a double pistol, lower the weight and repeat.

Handstand pushup, double pistol or single pistol, rise up doing a calf-raise. Repeat

Do a swing, clean the weight, overhead press and a double pistol. You may leave the weight overhead for the pistol if you want.

Double pistol with a weight or two, standing ab crunch.