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Description: Jumping in the air, try touching your toes. Since both arms and legs go out, you look like a 'star' hence the name.

Motions trained: Jumping, landing

Main muscles used: Legs
   Other muscles: abs

How to do it: Squat down, touching the floor. Jump straight up and try to touch your hands to your feet by raising your legs. Land lightly and bleed off the energy as you go back to starting position.

How to work up to it: Jumping is the best way as are adbominal exercises.

Ramping it up: This means doing more of them. Aim for 30 seconds and then go up to a full minute. If you really are hardcore, you can grab some light handweights. I would not exceed 10 lbs. Remember you are asking your body to do a deltoid raise while airborne in this case.

Do's and don'ts:Make sure you land well and watch your balance. People tend to migrate backwards with these if they aren't careful. Be aware of this so you don't fall off the mat or land on something unpleasant.

Comments:Another great full body exercise.