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Back-levers or planches.

Description: Raise the body to a horizontal position, facing the ground.

Motions trained: Raising your arms over your head.

Main muscles used: Deltoids
   Other muscles: Lats (for the negatives), abs

How to do it: Get to a pair of bars and get on them with your arms straight. Tuck up your legs and using your delotids, raise your hips as you lower your head. Pause for a second, then lower yourself and repeat. Another really great variation is done  in conjunction with a front lever. Lever yourself so your toes are at the ceiling, reach and project so your body is ramrod straight, then just try to slow your descent. Eventually you will get so you can just stop halfway down, your body parallel to the floor.

How to work up to it: Use dumbbells and an incline bench. Lie on the bench with the bells at your waist then raise your arms over your head, keeping them straight. Return to the starting position. Keep the small of your back pressed into the bench. This is for safety since a common mistake comes from trying to use your back muscles for this, which can injure them. Use smaller bells if you have trouble. The bench should be at 20 degrees away from vertical. Note that when you do it on the bars, it removes all stress from your back.

Ramping it up: Put your legs out in the chinese splits and gradually (over months) bring them together so you are straight as an arrow. If you really trust your balance, try going all the way up into a handstand. No I don't do that but gymnasts love it.

Do's and don'ts: Don't swing your legs. Use your deltoids. Be sure to flare your lats before moving. Slow yourself down when returning to the starting position. This works the complimentary muscles as well.

Comments: This movement also combines well with things like pushups. Probably the most back-friendly way to get high loads for deltoid work. Standing deltoid raises often exact a heavy toll on the lower back but this has no load there at all – the lower body is the load. Gymnasts call these planches, but since you are levering yourself and leading with your back, these are also called back-levers.