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Mountain climbers.

Description: An exercise for moving your legs.

Motions trained:Torso flexion

Main muscles used: Quads, glutes
   Other muscles: upper body (chest and abs)


How to do it: Get down on all fours. Extend one leg back and pull the other to the chest. Alternate pulling one to the chest and extending the other, almost in a running motion.

How to work up to it: This is an endurance move. If you can get into the position, try some for a few seconds, then rest, then repeat. You want to be able to work up to at least 30 seconds.

Ramping it up: Not really much to ramp up here.

Do's and don'ts:Don't short change your stride. A common problem is that as you tucker, your steps will get smaller and smaller until you are just barely shuffling in place. Really exaggerate the movement to get the most benefit from it.

Comments: A really good exercise.