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Description:Use the chest and lats to raise the body to a horizontal position, chest to the ceiling.

Motions trained: Dropping the arms.

Main muscles used: Pectorals and lats.
   Other muscles:Slightly uses the abs.


How to do it: Grab the bar, hang and pull your legs up. Now using your pecs and lats try to raise your lower body to horizontal. This is the same basic motion as using a weight machine lat pull-down.

How to work up to it: If you can't budge yourself, go find a weight machine and try to do the lat pulldown. Also, the dumbbell version of this on the floor is excellent.

Ramping it up: Keep your legs straight. That will increase the amount of torque substantially. No fair swinging your lower body. You should get proficient at body lifts first though or it will be a tough go.

Do's and don'ts: Don't swing your body up using momentum. Use your muscles.

Comments: This is not the same as the leg lifts since this gets all of its power from the chest and lats. Gymnasts also just call this a lever rather than a front-lever.