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I've been doing martial arts since Jan. 8, 1979. I started with tae kwon do and got a black belt, then found hakko ryu jujutsu in about 1984. I've been doing jujutsu ever since and am now have made the transition to hakko denshin ryu aiki jujutsu (alisa HDR).

I am one of the instructor's of Illini Jujutsu, a sports club at the University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois. This club started out as a danzan ryu club, but thanks to turnover of membership and the fact that I live in the area permanently, it is migrating to HDR. We still have very cordial relations with many of the instructors of danzan ryu.
Thanks to my friends and teachers Truth, relativism and all that BS

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Random martial arts notes
   Developing speed
   Martial arts, self-defense and all that
   On intuition and learning
   On being a samurai in the modern world

Illini Jujutsu (IJJ)
   Belt requirements
   Throwing (nage)
   Body movement (tai sabaki)